Whether you love casinos or not, you would agree that gambling movies tend to create big buzzes in the entertainment industry. However, over the years, Hollywood has captured viewers’ hearts (home and abroad) to partake in love for casino movies. Moreover, if you are a casino lover, these movies have given you a few lessons you can learn for your next gamble

This is one of the fans’ most favourite casino movies ever. Not only does it bring the concept of the casino lifestyle into action, but it also allows you to enjoy a good laugh as you watch. The 2009 American comedy film, The Hangover got directed by Todd Phillips and co-producer Daniel Goldberg. The writers of this movie Scott Moore and Jon Lucas, focus this film in Vegas, with it being about a group of friends celebrating Doug’s bachelor’s party. Doug (the bachelor) travels to Las Vegas with his fiancĂ©e’s brother Alan, best friend, Stu, and Phil.

This movie is one of the best Casino movies ever to grace the big screens. This movie centers around a group of intelligent MIT students, a math teacher, and a need for money. In this 2008 American heist drama film, you witness the movie adaptation to the true events of the MIT Blackjack Team. This movie comes to life with director Rober Luketic and writers Allan Loeb and Peter Steinfeld. The lead character Ben Campbell as Jim Sturgess, a brilliant student at MIT, meets up with unorthodox professor Mickey Rosa.

Writers Allan and Peter depict Ben Campbell as a brilliant MIT student looking to study medicine at Harvard University but cannot pay the tuition bills of $300,000.  He meets professor Mickey Rosa at MIT, and he challenges Ben using the Monty Hall Problem that he solves. Not long after, he invites him to join his blackjack team of fellow students. This team then uses their crazy intellect and card-counting skills to make huge thousands of dollars on weekend trips to Las Vegas blackjack tables. However, they soon meet greed and power tussle and find themselves in a situation where everything they have earned and learned becomes undone.

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